Televisions Banned On The East Ham Group

The management of the East Ham Group have reached an all time low. On Monday 16th June a letter went out ordering the removal of all televisions from every station on the group within 24 hours.

During the recent refurbishment work, plasma TVs were installed on several stations as a part of our upgrade. We have been ordered to disconnect these and send them to East Ham. Televisions owned by staff had to be removed from the station and taken home.

Management are using licensing laws as an excuse to further bully a set of staff that have already had enough. Other GSMs get round the problem by actualy buying TV licences for their stations but this simple solution is lost on the management of East Ham Group who seem to be determined to alienate their staff. The issue is being raised at the next level one but in the meantime our management are the greatest recruiters for the RMT as the more they push the staff, even more staff are joining up.